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Advertising fact: "Around 2% of your traffic actually converts and revisits your brand"
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In most cases, only 2% of the traffic on the website actually takes the desired action before leaving it. After everything it took to get them to the website, they just leave.

That doesn't necessarily mean they're not interested in an offer. At times a user is just distracted or curious to check out some other options. A buyer's journey is rarely linear, but once they leave they're gone.

There is also a rule of 7, that states that a potential customer is ready to engage with your brand only after he/she has heard of or seen an ad 7 times.

That’s where remarketing comes in. Remarketing - also known as retargeting - allows you to maintain a relationship with a customer that left without converting. Done right, it serves as a constant reminder Hey, you were interested in this…give it another chance!

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By putting the right snippet of code on your website, you can drop an anonymous cookie onto the browser of any new visitor. Later, when your “cookies” visitors browse the Web, the cookie will let your remarketing provider know when to serve ads, ensuring that your ads are served only to people who have previously visited your website.

It is crucial to properly define remarketing steps, with important actions on your website. This will help you to invest money in the audience of users that you benefit most from, maximizing your remarketing profitability.

Put your business on the road to success

Why is choosing ScalersPPC the best decision for your business?

We analyze your entire funnel and user behavior path, slicing your entire remarketing potential within several categories.

Once we do that, we analyze categories and prepare a corresponding remarketing message, showing to the potential customers that we care what their last step on your website was.

This is crucial for increasing conversion rates, and maximizing profitability with remarketing campaigns.

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