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Advertising facts: "97% of companies have bad Web Analytics data"
Our Tip: "Don't misuse such a powerful business tool. Get valuable insights and scale your accounts (with us)"

Uncover depths of your business through Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a mature product that has plenty of features that allows robust data collection and also features powerful methods to extract actionable insights from the collected data. Those are some of the main reasons why we prefer to use Google Analytics as our primary tool for storing and analyzing data.

It is well integrated with Google Ads and Google Tag Manager which makes implementation a lot easier than other web analytics tools.

The goal of setting up Google Analytics is to make all the necessary tweaks in order to make the analysis of the collected data as effective as possible.

Google Analytics Management Services

Put your business on the road to success

GA out of the box is completely agnostic to your business, it’s a tool built to serve web analytics needs for millions of other businesses and websites.

By following a set of rules when setting up the GA account, properties and views, you ensure that collected data is safe, accurate and PII free.

Tracking micro and macro conversions will get you a full picture of what’s happening on your website and because of that, you are able to extract powerful insights that will help you to optimize acquisition campaigns and your website’s performance overall.

Why is choosing ScalersPPC the best decision for your business?

With our in-depth knowledge of how GA works internally we are capable of bending and moulding this powerful tool to suit your specific business needs and tailor data collection so that we can answer your specific questions.

Our intimate knowledge of measurement protocol, GA API’s and Google’s ecosystem allows us to stitch together even the most complicated and convoluted user journeys allowing us to track your whole funnel.

We also provide custom dashboards, tailored to specific client needs making sure that you have access to the data you need at any given time.

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