We'll be there for you, 'cause you'll be there for us too

Slobodan Grujic
Founder & CEO

Slobodan is a smart version of Joey in our SCALERS team.
Other things are pretty much the same-he can easily fall in love with pizza, the girls are crazy about him, and he is the fun friend that lights up your day.

He has an ocean of devotion for PPC, and that devotion drives him to do amazing things - this agency is the best example for that.
P.S. Sloba also doesn't share food!

Stefan Vidic aka Duka
Co-Founder & Head of PPC

Duka is definitely the Ross of this agency.
He has that professor vibe as he majored in History. We don't think he'll get divorced three times though because he is a keeper.

He is always full of interesting information & fun facts, so every time you talk to him, you learn something new.
When it comes to PPC - we couldn't do any better than him. As every historian, he loves going into depths of things and that makes him the best PPC account manager there is.

Aleksa Bozicic
Co-Founder & Head of Analytics

Aleksa is our Chandler.
His family can never explain what his job description is. No, he's not a TRANSPONDSTER (that's not even a word!), but if you are a die-hard Friends fan as we are, you know what Chandler's job truly is.

That's kind of what our Aleksa does. He is the master of Web Analytics. When you don't hear from him in 24h, he is probably writing a script for easier data recognition.
He looks pretty calm and centered- until you see him on a night out.

Nikolina Ruzic
Senior PPC Manager

Nina, the Monica of our team, is our go-to person for everything. She is very motherly and takes care of us like we’re her children.

When she sets her mind to something - failure is not an option. She’s caring, compassionate, kind and keeps everything  'Monica-clean' except her workspace.
Her laugh is contagious and that’s why we love making her laugh.

On the other hand, when she’s mad, you better watch out (remember when you were little and one look from mom was enough to know you’re in trouble? Well something like that).

Jovana Ostojic
Senior PPC Manager

Jovana is the source of positive energy in our team.
That’s why when we say she reminds us of Phoebe, we are truly on point.

We can talk to her as she was our bro, she gets all of our stupid man jokes, and has a perfect recipe for comebacks - witty with a dose of sarcasm.

Also, her musical talent is very similar to Phoebe’s (cf. non-existent).

She is fluent in Russian, happily in love, and the fastest learning PPC manager ever.